Friday, May 13, 2011


Today was such a great day. I kept finding myself awed at the wonderful life I have. I'll try to paint a few pictures to describe the it.

The first today was breakfast, now, breakfast today didn't happen until about 9:30am, but it still happened. And while we were all sitting around the table eating, it was like a part of me took a step back and looked at our family, talking, joking and just spending time and bonding over food. And I was taken back at the... rightness of it. Having my husband home has a lot to do with it, I'm much less stressed and I'm able to have someone to snuggle.

Then, Ryan started mowing the lawn and the kids jumped at the chance to get outside too. It was so fun to watch them playing while Ryan was working. The windows were open and with the smell and sounds, I feel so lucky to have them. Even when Daniel purposely kicked a ball in front of the mower and it was cut to pieces. Still a great time.

The best though, was when the kids got their popsicles. We found some popsicle molds at Winco for about $2 and we got them. It's a great way to have a healthy fruit, yogurt, or a fruit/veggie snack. Anyways, they had gotten all their chores done and school was finished so we broke them out. They were ecstatic and started hunkering down to eat them, when I mentioned sitting out in the sun, they were all for that. It was while I was watching them eating their sicles and talking to one another that I realized how fulfilled I feel. My life, my kids, my husband, are wonderful. I'm so blessed and lucky to have them. And I'm grateful to have the ability to see those moments and appreciate them. I love what I have. Yeah there are things that I would liked changed, but honestly, you might be hard pressed to find someone as happy with their life as I am.

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