Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hit and Miss

So, we were supposed to go in to be induced on Friday, but before that I was going to get a Foley catheter in (more info on that here) Thursday night, so I would be ready to go in the morning. After the midwife tried four times to get the thing in, and after much pain, it was determined that my uterus really didn't want to cooperate with us. She told me to hold tight and that she would talk to the midwife that would be on call while I was being induced to see what they could do. After talking with her she gave me a few options. 1: I could be admitted that night and they would start me on Cyotec then in the morning they would start some Pitocin. or 2: I could go home and wait to go into labor on my own. Because Ryan only has a week before he's supposed to leave for two weeks again, I went with being admitted that night.
After three doses of Cyotec and being on monitors for two hours, then off for two, they started me on Pitocin at 8 in the morning. At noon they checked me and I was still dilated to a 1. My midwife told me at that time that if I wasn't dilated to a 4 by 5pm she thought it would be wise to send us home and try again another day. I tried so hard to get myself into positions that would put the most pressure on my cervix while I was contracting, but, I didn't do so well.
At 5pm the midwife came in and checked me again and still, I was only at a 1!! So we came home.

Now, for the emotional aspect of this adventure...

I was crying after the midwife and nurse left from telling us it would be best to go home. I was so tired of having monitors on me and sore from being poked four times to get the stinking IV in and not to mention the contractions and I hadn't had solid good since 8 that morning. Over all we were tired and half of me was glad to be going home. The other half? Kinda feels like a failure. I kept apologizing to Ryan, I still feel like it's my fault it didn't work. Ryan was awesome about it, he kept reassuring me and when we got home he made sure I went and laid down to sleep then took care of Daniel (the girls wanted to stay another night at Nana's). I have an amazing husband. On the way out to the car I couldn't help feel a little angry that one of the carriers in the back of the van wasn't holding a baby and that the car seat stayed empty on the way home.
BUT, to top it off, my house was clean when I got home! It was a mess when we left it, no joke, it was bad. I had tried to do some cleaning but didn't get nearly enough done that I wanted. I wish I knew who cleaned it, so I could buy them something - I mean, pretend to bake them something- to say thank you. Coming home to that made my day better, and at the same time, I felt bad again, cause we came home without a newborn.

We will be going in again on Tuesday to be induced, Monday evening I will be going in to my midwives to try to get another Foley catheter in (I pray it works). That's if she doesn't decide to come over the weekend. I honest to goodness hope that she's ready by Tuesday, if she's not, and we have another failed induction then Ryan will be calling his boss to see if he can stay home another week to help with the baby. If he can't, then I might be having this baby with the support of my mom by my bedside rather then my husband. :/

Hopefully everything works out just the way I want it to, really, that would make me so happy... Here's to hoping!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Our Summer

It has been such a very long time sense I've updated our blog. It all started when we got our cell phones and got rid of our house phone and internet. We love our phones and they are so very convenient, but there are a few things they just can't do, like change our profile pictures on facebook, or update a blog. I tried different apps that were supposed to work with blogs but non really worked.

Anyways, so here's the update!

We are expecting our 4th child on the 22nd, although I'm thinking about changing the induction to the 20th, more on that later.

We are having a girl! Our 3rd, and I can't wait to meet another Ryan/Sara combination and see who Father has blessed us with. We were REALLY hoping for a boy, I thought it would be perfect, two girls, two boys, all that jazz, but it wasn't to be.
It was a little hard finding out we were having a girl, Emma cried as soon as the nurse told us, I made it till the next day, as I was cleaning out the drawer of baby boy things I had put together. We have all come to terms with it and in all honesty we are excited to have another baby!
We have picked out a name, well, we pretty much picked one out on the way home after the ultrasound. We were hoping to name the baby Kevin, in honor of my dad, but that wouldn't fly so well with a little girl, so we threw names around, first Kevlen, which was too close to Kevin and Kaylyn, so then we thought for a minute and Ryan thought of Kevlie, and it felt right. Ryan then went on to say that her middle name should be Sara, cause none of our kids have been named after me, but two have been named after him; Kaylyn Noel (Ryan's middle name is Leon, which spelled backwards is Noel) and Daniel has Ryan as his middle name. Although, my middle name is Danielle, so technically I do have a child named after me. But he's insisting on it. So Kevlie Sara it will be.

A few of our summer activities should be mentioned, mostly cause they rocked.

The Blue Angels! Oh, they were fun to watch, even now, Daniel will still talk about them and use his hands to show how they flew, and then tell you they were loud and show you how to cover your ears. And anytime there is a plane that the kids spot they immediately think it's the Angels. It was a lot of fun for the kids to watch them and learn more about them.

Eating Watermelon is seriously one of the best things about summer! I LOVE watermelon and the kids do too!

Emma turned eight this summer and was baptized! It was a little bitter sweet to realize that she really is growing up and learning to deal with all that comes with life.
Ryan made this cake for her, she's decided that her favorite color is blue, I forgot to take a picture but the inside was blue. She was totally stoked about it.

We decided to have her pick out her own dress, at first I was all about the white, but then thought she would enjoy picking out her own. She did an excellant job!

I love my girl! And we're so proud of her, she's made so much progress and continues to grow and learn.

Getting ready for the school year, which means, haircuts!!

Emma wanted to keep hers long so she can cut it short this upcoming summer.

Kaylyn wanted hers short enough she could spike it, we kept it a little longer then that, and she loves it!

And here's Daniel, cause he's just too darn cute!

Ryan now has a new job, he's working in North Dakota hauling water for the oil field. He's working two weeks on two weeks off so, to make sure he's here when we have the baby we will be inducing her on the 22nd! I'm super excited to have my baby! BUT, I was thinking. If I were to bump her induction date up to the 20th then her birthday would be 10-20-2010 or 10-20-10! How neat would that be!? It's such a once in a life time opportunity, that I'm having a hard time trying to decide what to do. The 22nd would work best, but I don't know if I can pass up a birthday like that. I need input!

Until next time! (which really won't be that long!)