Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Bitter Sweet Birthday

Today is my dads birthday, he passed away 7 years ago in September of cancer. It was an incredibly hard time for me and my family. My dad is an amazing person, he rose up from a bad childhood, and odds stacks against him to become a successful and well loved husband, father and business man. He is a wonderful man that I look up to and hope to be like someday.
His birthday has usually been something that's made me a bit sad, as you can imagine. But recently I found out that my sister in-law was born on the same day, she is such a sweet and fun person, I love the way her and my brother interact. I think they compliment each other, mostly for the fact that if Josh gives her crap she'll give it right back to him. And with him being my older brother, I love to see that. To have someone who I think is a great mother and sister share the same birthday with my dad is a godsend and I'm thankful that I now have a better way to see and feel a positive today.

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