Monday, July 11, 2011

Even More Crunchier

So, Ryan was able to get some extra hours this last week and we decided to put that money to good use. Since he had started working in ND we had become a little lazy with our finances, we weren't as strict with our spending. We recently decided that we needed to get back on the straight and narrow and start (once again) to be much more concience of what we do with our money. One of our overall goals is to be as self sufficiant as possible, we've started taking baby steps to get there and things we've been wanting to do for a while we've been able to realize. Like, making our own yogurt and cheese! I haven't done it yet, mostly cause I want Ryan to be home when I do it, so I won't be alone in bouncing around the house looking like a dumby, while my yogurt thickens. If you want to see how absolutely easy and fun it can be click here!

One of the other things we've wanted to do for a long time is, cloth diapering. No joke, it makes so much sense if you think about it. We figured it would save us at least $2,000 a year, and our baby has about another 2 years to wear diapers. I like having money.

Look at all the cute patterns!! (The one in the lower right corner is a swim cover!)

The liners, I did get one prefold, it just isn't in this pic.

I got several different kinds, so I could find out which kind I like best, so the initial cost for us was about $250, and tht was with buying all the accesories one could want (i.e. a small wet bag a larg wet bag with a dry compartment, we will be using that as our 'pail' and with buying detergent). I was able to buy them locally, from my friend Tonya Taylor, owner of Komfy Kidz and Taylor Made Slings. She's awesome and was great at explaining everything and helping me choose what would work best for us. So, after $250 spent on diapers, I won't be buying any more (since Ryan says Kevlie is our last baby) hopefully, ever! That, makes me happy! I'm so excited to start this!

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