Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Whilst I am Fullfilling My Responsibilities

So I'm doing our finances, figuring out a rough draft of sorts as to how much money we have to buy things with. I'm totally engrossed in my work when Daniel comes in to see me. He walks in I turn and look at him, gasp and my mouth falls open. He is COVERED in sour cream. Lol, the best part, he stopped in his tracks looks at me and my expression and pulls the same face! It was so stinken cute! Yay for youtube moments!

Friday, December 11, 2009

A few things today;
It's day one of Shredding for me! A friend of mine has been Shredding and loves it. That's not quite how I would describe the experience... Nah, I do like to workout, I like the way it feels AFTER but not during. Man, about 15 min into it, she says, 'Now, right back to jumping jacks!' And I responded with 'Kill me now.' proceeded by a moan. But, it's a great workout.

Now on to the next thing. I was playing with the kids today and we decided to break out the laptop and do some recording. It was a lot of fun. Here's the first video;

Disclaimer: Kaylyn was sweet enough to get into my lipstick today and smeared it all over her face. That's why she looks like she got into a fight with some lipstick, cause she did. It won.

And this is the picture, we all look so happy.

This is the next video we did, I put it up only because Kaylyn was seriously busting a gut. I thought it was very mean to me, the darn webcam made me look fat...

The last thing, this last Sunday we were able to go to church as a whole family. Ryan is usually working and misses it. But sense he was going to be home only an hour late we stuck around and waited for him. While we were doing that I decided to do Emma's hair. She hates it when I do her hair. But she let me! I think she's beautiful!

She curled her own bangs! She was so nervous that she would burn herself. But she did good!

She decided that it was lacking in cuteness and decided to take another one with a light modification. You can see the curls better in this next one.Yay for families! And good times.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Kitten Needs Home!

This last weekend my mom and sister were headed to town do some shopping, on their way there they saw a kitten on the side of the road. They saw that it was still alive and turned around to get it. They took it to the vet and hoped it would live through the weekend. It did! My sister was able to bring her home on Tuesday night, after they had her spayed. We headed over to see her. She's a gorgeous kitten! She has the pretties blue eyes I've ever seen with a cat and she's so sweet.

While Kristie and I were cuddling her I noticed that it almost seemed like she wasn't seeing but was more smelling and feeling her way around. We toyed around a bit and we think she's is partially blind from the swelling in her head. We also think it's temporary. Kristie has already noticed an improvement in her sight. As you can see from the photos, her right eye is injured. From what I can tell, it will make a full recovery. She's so grateful to have been rescued, she loves being pet, and I noticed that when she's spoken to in a low calm voice she'll start purring before she's even touched.

She is a gorgeous kitten that needs a home. What do you say? Have room for a kitty?

Monday, December 7, 2009

FLY (Finally Loving Yourself)

So those who know me, know that I am a horrible house keeper. I should revise that, I'm a good house keeper, I just don't do any house keeping. My mom helped me see the difference in the last two statements the other day, thanks mom.

It seems I always have something better to do then clean my house or do any dishes, or laundry... There's always the kids, I love playing with my kids, seeing them grow and learn because I'm involved with them makes me so happy.

But, when Ryan comes home and the house looks like we played 'pull-out-every-box-of-graham-crackers-and-smash-them-into-the-carpet' kinda stresses him out. So I've been trying to do better, and it's been working. My mom told me that when I keep a clean house there's this joy you get from it, you feel better because you can actually do things in your house. You're not trying to avoid stepping on toys, over clothes or food. I can focus on my kids more (which is what my excuse for not cleaning was!) I can see the little things they do that crack me up, Daniel, when he falls asleep, he HAS to have the blanket pulled over his head. When the room I'm in is a mess I don't SEE my kids, I see the mess, I worry about the mess. And Kaylyn, when she learns something new, she giggles, we've been doing Preschool together and so we've been learning (and giggling) a lot. I think it's so funny. Emma, wow, I never realized the impact a clean house would have on her, she's such a good helper to me, she doesn't complain (too often) when I ask for help. And she's such good sister when she isn't stressed about the messy place she use to live in. I guess what I'm saying is, when I do what I should, I'm free to let other things in.

I've always had a problem with keeping my house clean, the closer I am to the Lord the easier and more effortless I find it, but it's always seemed so endless for me, so overwhelming. Until I found FLY Lady, it has been what's helped me the most with all of this. Here's a link. I love that it isn't a clean all day, all night sort of thing. There are two, maybe three chores you do a day and that's it. But there are also the routine things you do in the day that help you get the place clean. But those are the things you do everyday, like I said, routine. I'm so happy I found this site, I'm glad I learned I can get things done a little at a time. I don't have to be overwhelmed or overburdened with my house. It's something I enjoy now. So I share this with my friends and family, in hopes that it will help you like it's helped me. :)