Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sound Effects

Today is Thanksgiving!! So, happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

We're so lucky to have our family, our girls are amazing and love to help mom do mom things. When you ask Kaylyn what she wants to be when she grows up she'll say "Just like mom" It's awesome. Emma's always telling me how she wants to get married in the Temple and be a wife. And Daniel, I'm still getting used to him. He's always doing something new and absolutly adorable. Sense he was crawling he was 'vrooming' cars, or anything that he could push. When he squeezes a nose he'll honk. And the other day I found him sitting in our hall reading a noise book. I thought it was funny, he'll copy his favorite sound. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ryan's Selling His Baby

It's official, Ryan's selling his '69 Chevy pickup. It's sad, he had this pickup before he had us. He rebuilt the engine and put in a new tranny. He really had big plans for it. But, as the years have gone by (almost 5) he's realized that he doesn't have the time or the money to work or restore his it and seeing it fall apart a little more every year made him decide it needs a home that can take care of it.
He had his pickup when we were dated, it's an awesome place to makeout in. I'm gonna miss that thing like crazy. I'm sad for him, it's like loosing part of the family.

So if you or anyone you know would like a 69 Chevy pickup let us know.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

First Real Snow of the Season... I Think.

Tonight, Ryan and I went to dinner, without the kids in tow! Not that we don't love our kids and cherish the time we spend with them, but all the same it was wonderful to spend some time with my husband as my husband and not a father. Yesterday was his birthday! Yay Ryan!
On our way to Craigo's it started snowing! It snowed like crazy, it was beautiful. On the way home I was insightful enough to point out to Ryan that when you drive and it's snowing it looks like your in warp drive in outer space. I'm deep, I know.
Things got a little dicey the closer we got to home, I hate driving in snow, although I wasn't the one who was driving. The snow was coming down so hard it was difficult to see. Oh, and while we were eating Emma called me and told me she was scared we would get hurt. So, needles to say, I was a little freaked out, hoping that Emma didn't somehow become psychic and know we were going to end up dying horribly. Which we didn't.
But after we got home Ryan was awesome enough to run out in the cold and get the kids' some snowballs! Which they promptly started eating. Well, Daniel threw his a couple of times first. Smart kid.

Emma and her snowball (sorry about the unmade bed in the background :/ )

Kaylyn showing off her beautiful snowball (I love the face she has, she cracks me up)

Daniel going to town on his snowball

All in all, a wonderful, adventure filled night! We're so lucky to have our kids and we know it. And I'm so lucky to have Ryan as a husband, yeah he drives me crazy sometimes and I do the same to him, but after we're done being stupid we're smart enough to say sorry and move on with our lives and be better people. And if you ask me that's pretty awesome.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Puppy or Baby?

First blog, yay me!

Right now the house is mostly quiet. Emma is at school, hopefully having a good time. Kaylyn is thinking about what she wants for lunch while watching TV and Daniel, sweet, destructive Daniel is napping. I'm re-cooping from being sick, I feel like I can get caught up with the house work, and yes that's why I'm sitting her at my laptop and not cleaning.

Anyways, the title of this blog is really the pressing matter. Recently Ryan asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I got brave and told him I wanted a dog. Previously we had agreed that we wouldn't get a dog until our youngest was four. But, I've been so hungry for something to cuddle and baby talk to that it's killing me. When I told him and flat out told me "No". In just that tone of voice too. I was half kidding when I asked him the first time but then I really started to think about it, and then I REALLY started to want one more. Generally I can keep my wanting a puppy below the surface, barely. I've failed this time, I hang my head in shame.
So, I thought I'd get sneaky, give him an ultimatum and get me a dog. So we're on our way back from the Falls one night this past week, and I get the nerve to tell him that if he doesn't get me a dog, then I want a baby. I seriously thought he'd freak about the baby thing and go rushing to get me a dog. Nope, he's leaning towards a BABY! I'm ok with that, I love babies, I love everything about them. But, they don't stick their butts in the air when they want to play. Now, I need to figure out if I'm ready to have another baby for if I need to tell him I really want a dog, because obviously subtlety hasn't worked. I really want a dog for Christmas, but I may end up getting pregnant instead, I could really smack myself for the ideas I have sometimes.