Friday, April 13, 2012

It has been SO long since I've made a blog post. No one has said anything about wondering where I've been though, or if I'm alive... that's ok. I do these for me, not for you. Lol ;-D.
Lately the biggest thing for us has been that we've moved! I can't tell you how much we miss our friends, neighbors and ward members from Rigby, it was a hard decission to make when I knew I would be leaving them.
But this place... is perfect. Its hard to describe without you just coming to see it. So, you should come see it!! It's lovely and has everything I've been wanting in a house (except for 5+ acres of land). We can even have chickens, if we want (we do!!)! There's room to grow and enough storage for EVERYTHING that my mom is envious. Snicker*. Our new home is wonderful and I love it.
The new ward has also been fantastic, one of our first nights here, the RS president (who lives two doors down) offered to bring us dinner, we accepted and it was yummy, then everyone in close proximity of us brought something over, I don't think my house has been so full of carbs in my life. I began requesting lettuce. All in all, I'm loving it here and my kids are too. There are a good many kids for them to play with and we are just about the only homeschooling family in the ward (there is one other girl, Emma's age, who does K12), I think this is a good thing cause it gives me the motivation and oppurtunity to be a good example of what it can be like!

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