Sunday, January 23, 2011

They Attack While I Sleep...

Something tells me I'm not snuggling with my kids enough, especially when the best time to get quality time in is when I'm sleeping.... I don't waking up being snuggled though.

I've got Kevlie on my arm, Daniel laying on my tummy and Kaylyn laying up my back. I love these kids.

RSV + ER Visit = Stress

Kevlie was diagnosed with RSV on Friday morning. I took her in because the way she was breathing didn't look right to me, she was having a hard time. They did a mucous swab and it came back positive, the poor thing. The Dr suggested they do a breathing treatment right there in the office and if it helped then he wanted to see her before closing that day to make sure shew as still doing well, if the treatment didn't help he was going to recommend we take her up to the hospital. Well, the treatment helped, a lot. I could really see a difference in her breathing and overall well being, so we were sent home with the request that we bring her back in before closing. We did that and she was still doing good. After we got her home the second time she started showing negative side effects from the Albuturol, the ones that are listed under the 'severe' category, she was showing at least four,possibly five, of them so about midnight we took her up to Madison.

Once we were back into a room the Dr. came in to take a look and ordered a CBC, which honestly I don't think was necessary, but it turned out to be a good thing. She had started eating a lot less then she usually does and had become dehydrated so after they had gotten in IV in one of the veins on her head, they pulled some blood and then attached a saline bag. That helped her the most, she started looking so much better!

Kevlie girl after the IV was taken out

The Dr wasn't very worried about the side effects and mostly worried about her oxygen levels. Which, after a treatment,were fine.

They sent us home and we ended up going to bed around 4-5, we had to grab our Bountiful Basket the next morning and Ryan was awesome enough to get up and get it. All in all, we are a little sleep deprived, and stressed.

Kevlie is doing much better, she's our happy girl again and has started eating normally. As long as we keep doing what we're doing she should be fine in a week or two. Until that time, STAY AWAY from our place, while RSV is usually presented as a common cold (runny nose, cough and the like) in toddlers and infants it can turn severe and life threatening. That isn't something I want to give to anyone.

Friday, January 21, 2011


I'm up before 5am today. Not because I really want to be, but because the baby was hungry and it's my job to feed her. Yes, I could have gone back to sleep, but if I would have, I know I would have slept until 9 (cause I do it almost everyday!) That is a bad thing because then the whole day seems to fly by and I don't accomplish everything I need to. So here I am, writting a journal entry of sorts.

Things have been really good, and a little crazy. The kids are sick, each in their own stage of sickenss, but all sick. Obviously the main one I'm really worried about it Kevlie, being so young and all. We will be blessing her this Sunday (the 23rd) and will only be staying for sacrament. Which will be sad, I'm sure everyone will want to peek at her and exclaim how freaking adorable she is. Sorry in advance, while I know becoming ill would be worth it, I just can't bring myself to.
Ryan and I finally made it to the temple this week! I'm not saying this in a 'look how rightious we are' sort of thing, I'm saying it cause it's been over 4 years... that's a long time. It was wonderful to go, and amazing that I could go with my husband, I'm so grateful for him. After we got home and got the kids settled back into their daily activities I was pondering on the experience and realized that my spirit felt... full. You know how they'll talk about 'feeding our spirits' and we do that with scripture study and prayer, fasting and service, stuff like and that's how we keep our spirits fed and healthy, well, I felt positively plump. And it was awesome. I love how peaceful and centered I feel. And determined, I know what I need to do and I'm dead set on doing it.

Speaking of which, I've been trying to work on my goal this year, and I've been making progress, in most areas. I don't know if it's cause Ryan's home or if it's cause the kids have been feeling ucky (probably the ucky part the most) but this week hasnt been too great, there have been days where all I do is snuggle sick kids (alternating between rubbing or patting them, per demand). And I can tell you, my house is looking oh so very sad. There has been at least one day that we skipped school and I'm starting to feel like I'm rather burried and can't dig myself out. Ryan has been awesome and will do anything he can to help me, including cheering me on or calming me down with reasurance, I'm sure the calming me down is in hopes to avoid an emotional breakdown on my part, lol, poor guy.

In my efforts to bettter mine and my families home life I've been reading a lot of General Conference talks. This morning I found and read this one, I don't have teenagers, yet, but I think the things that are addressed here can be applied to my life. Most of all the five things to do that will strengthen familes. We do about one of those, the family dinner. We have seriously slacked on the rest and it's killing me. I feel like I need to redirect my family and that we should be centered around Christ and the Gospel. ]

Wish us luck in our adventures!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Homeschooling, the First Week

Our first week of homeschooling has gone wonderfully. I can already see a difference in Emma and how she acts. She's kinder to her siblings, more thougtful and has a much better attitude toward Ryan and I. It's funny, someone once told Emma that since she had started going to public school they had seen 'a big improvement' in her... When honestly, doing homework with her at night was a struggle, her attitude was horrible and she was a bully most of the time toward her sister and brother. Since she has been home, she WANTS to learn. The other night, she got a book and on her way into her room said to herself, 'I want to read tonight'... gah! She's never said that. I was stoked. Every morning first thing she wants is to do school, I love this, and I love this girl.

Emma found the magnifying glass and put it good use

And maybe the best thing, is that I get to set the schedule, it's awesome, I don't have to have school her the same time other schools are in session. Usually we're waking up around 8am, awesoome, I know, then it's breakfast, and then mama gets ready for the day and chores are done (I hate doing school with her when my hosue is a mess), lunch, game time and school for the day, the day usually ends with a dinner, a movie and if they've been super good, some popcorn.

My days are completely simple, I have very few things to do and that means the majority of my time can be spent on the most important thing. My family.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolution

It's a new year and I've seen a lot of my friends post or blog about their goals for this year. I've loved seeing all of them, they inspire and motivate me. But, I've always sucked at my new year goals, and they're generally the same every year. Like such...

1. Be more spiritual
2. Loose weight
3. Be a better wife/mother
4. Become more organized

And I fail every year.
This year I was reading a friend of mine's blog and I noticed that she only picks ONE goal a year and does her best to fulfill it. She does so many awesome things, and amazes me (and every one else) with her ability to accomplish about 587.19 things a day without breaking a sweat (Kimber, if you're reading this, I'm talking about you!). Her goal this year is to love. Just that, improve on loving. And I think it's something we could all work on, I do want to work on this, but I wanted to work on so many other things too and after giving it a ton of thought I realized what my goal this year will be...


That covers a lot though, huh? Not really, just my home and those in it. I have decided that when I'm here and any of my loved ones are too, they will be in a home they love. I want it to be a place of wonderful memories and them knowing that I love them and care about their thoughts and everyday adventures. I want this place to be their safe haven.
I will be organizing a whole lot more. Which will be easy, along with a new year, we are also renting a new house! So most things are still in boxes.
This year will be a good one, I can feel it. That's odd to say, but, I really do. When I think of the things I will be doing and where I see them going, it feels... great. There will be more baking, more playing, more movie watching in the dark with homemade popcorn, more forts made out of anything we can get our hands on in the living room, more porch swings while I hold my husband's hand and more snuggling 4 kids and reading books.
I will be making that old adage come true, I will be making my house, a home.